VEVOR 6L/8L/10L/12L/16L/18L LPG Propane Gas Instant Hot Water Heater Boiler Outdoor Stainless Steel

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Propane Gas Hot Water Heater 16L On-Demand Tankless Instant Boiler 4.3GPM

Product Description

The listing is about 16L LPG Hot Water Heater 16L-LPG.

Our LPG Hot Water Heater features instant, without waiting, and the smaller footprint can save a lot of space. You get instant, endless hot water wherever you are! Safety, the gas water heater to achieve heat and heat separation, bathed in the bathroom, installed in the kitchen, to avoid the risk of leakage during the bathing process. The 16L-LPG is perfect for the house. Take a hot shower or wash the dogs. It is great for off grid or other areas where electricity is not readily available.


1. Stylish Shape Design

Modern fashionable line shape designed, magnificent thin-shaped appearance.

2. High Efficiency & Energy-Saving

The heater exchanger and main burner adopt mostly advanced energy-saving and combustion technology to decrease gas consumption and burning noise.

3. Low Water-Pressure Startup

The water control linkage valve makes the heater start up under low water pressure and stable water flowing under high pressure to meet the requirements of those in water shortage areas and those living in high stairs.

4. Manifold Auto Protection, Lon Flame Inspection

For the sake of your safety, automatically shut down gas power under unexpectable flameout.

5. Controller Design, Over Heating Protection

Both cold water and warm water can be properly controlled. Over 75 °C will automatically turn off.

6. Over Water Pressure Protection Function, Anti-Freezing Protection Function

Automatically decrease pressure under excessive high water pressure. The anti-freezing apparatus can discharge the stock water to avoid damaging machine itself by freezing under cold areas or in case of long time no use.


1. It is highly recommended to be installed by a professional.

2. Please read the instructions carefully before using the gas water heater, and in strict accordance with the instructions to use, maintenance of the water heaters.

3. Must be used under the condition of ventilation, ensuring the normal condition of the flue kit.

4.The gas water heater should not be installed in your bathroom for your safety.

5. Please check the gas connection regularly to ensure there is no leaking risks.


1. Concerning the safety, please do not install this water heating instant boiler in your bathroom.

2. Every type of gas water heater is only suitable for one kind of gas. This Vevor 16L tankless instant hot water heater uses Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ONLY.


4.3GPM 16L tankless hot water heater

LPG as the main energy material

Adopt advanced energy-saving and combustion technology

Instant without waiting

Modern fashionable line shape appearance

Digital display with shower head

It only uses gas when hot water is flowing

The water temperature can control

Longer service life

Save a lot of space

Manifold auto protection

High efficient energy saving

Automatic ignition system

Flame failure protection device

Anti-freezing protection function

Anti-dry combustion protection

Over heat protection function

Over water pressure protection function

Low water-pressure startup

Stable water flowing under high pressure

Two years warranty


Type: Tankless instant gas water heater

Product: 16L gas water heater

Model: 16L-LPG

Material: Stainless steel

Use gas type: LPG

Gas pressure (LPG): 2800 Pa

Heat output power: 32 KW

Hot water output: 16 L/min (4.3 GPM)

Smoke exhaust pipe output diameter: 11.5 cm / 4.5 inch (Smoke exhaust pipe not included )

Rubber gas hose (outer diameter): 20 mm / 0.79 inch

Suitable Water Pressure

Min.: 0.02 MPa

Max.: 0.8 MPa

Starting pressure: 0.015 MPa

Water Pipeline Specification

Cold water pipeline: Short pipeline equipped or G1/2″ steel tube

Warm water pipeline: Long pipeline equipped or G1/2″ steel tube

Exhaust way: Open & Force flue exhaust type

Discharge ways: Flue automatic gas discharge

Fire catching ways: Electricity pulse automatic fire catching

Ignition mode: Automatic electrical pulse ignition by two qualified 1.5V batteries (No included batteries)

Package Size: 70 x 40 x 20 cm (27.6 x 15.7 x 7.9 inch)

Gross weight: 13 kg (28.66 lbs)

Package Content

1 x Gas Water Heater 16L-LPG Main Body

1 x Shower Kit

1 x English User Manual

Notes:We won’t ship to VIRGIN ISLANDS, PUERTO RICO, ALASKA, HAWAII and GUAM for free. We need to calculate the shipping fee additionally. BUY IT, We will contact you and calculate for you


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Specification: VEVOR 6L/8L/10L/12L/16L/18L LPG Propane Gas Instant Hot Water Heater Boiler Outdoor Stainless Steel

Brand Name


Smoke Extraction Method

Flue Type



Storage / Tankless

Instant / Tankless



Power (W)


Voltage (V)


Model Number


Housing Material

Stainless steel


Wall Mounted

Volume (Litre)




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VEVOR 6L/8L/10L/12L/16L/18L LPG Propane Gas Instant Hot Water Heater Boiler Outdoor Stainless Steel
VEVOR 6L/8L/10L/12L/16L/18L LPG Propane Gas Instant Hot Water Heater Boiler Outdoor Stainless Steel

76,26 $114,39 $

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